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Essential Ingredients Kids Need Most

Like a safety net for your child, The Complete Multivitamin for Kids helps cover any nutritional gaps in your kid’s diet and support their healthy growth.



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What does sustainably-sourced ingredients mean?

At Terraseed, we scout the world looking for vegan nutrients that have minimal to no impact on natural ecosystems.

For example, our Complete Multivitamin for Kids features Omegas that come from Hemp seed oil. Hemp is a sustainable plant that requires less water in cultivation compared to other sources. It has a short growth period and almost its whole plant body has versatile utility value. Also, hemp plants sequester carbon and improve soil health.

In addition, our Vitamin D3 is derived from microalgae that is grown indoors without affecting marine life.

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Yes, Packaging Matters

In a world polluted by plastic waste, we’ve worked tirelessly to optimize every step of our packaging for maximum sustainability. This includes our certified industrially compostable paper tubes, algae ink, mailing envelopes and labels, non-toxic bentonite clay desiccants, and our new compostable refill pouches made from cellulose and paper.

The Result? 100% Biodegradable Packaging.

Meet The Scientists Behind Terraseed

Dr. Jen Myers
Dr. Jen Myers, Ph.D, DNM

"As the chief formulator for Terraseed, I crafted this all-in-one formula for vegans by leveraging the latest research in plant-based nutrition."

Sachin A Shah, PharmD, FACC, FAHA
Sachin A Shah, PharmD, FACC, FAHA

"Terraseed’s formulas leverage years of knowledge and research. I proudly support the company’s mission to create effective, high-quality nutritional products that do not harm the planet or its inhabitants."

Dr. Andrew Freeman
Dr. Andrew Freeman, MD

"As a plant-based MD, I proudly support Terraseed's formula and mission."

Nurse Casey Linke
Casey Linke, FNP

"I'm a family nurse practitioner who specializes in using plant-based nutrition as a tool for wellness and disease prevention. I'm partnering with Terraseed in its mission to support vegans in leading a more empowered and healthy lifestyle day-to-day."

Ask all your questions. Our team has answers.

Who should take The Complete Multivitamin for Kids?

We formulated this product with key nutrients for children ages 2-12. 

Our recommended dosage is one gummy per day for children ages 2-3, and two gummies per day for children 4+.

As always, please consult with their pediatrician before starting any supplements.

Does my kid need to take a multivitamin?

While kids can obtain all of the nutrients they need from food, studies show that more than half of children in the US don't follow an optimal diet. From busy schedules and rushed meals, to picky eaters or special diets (such as vegan or vegetarian diets), our formula gives you the safety net and peace of mind your kid is getting all the nutrients their growing body needs. 

Where are the Complete Multivitamin for Kids gummies made?

We make our gummies in the USA, with carefully selected domestic and globally-sourced ingredients. The gummies are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, cGMP certified facility.

What type of testing does Terraseed do on this product?

To ensure that what's on the label is in the gummy, we test all batches of our multivitamins for purity, nutrients dosage, and composition. A third-party lab tests our products for heavy metals, bacteria, allergens, and other contamination, ensuring they're compliant.

Why should I subscribe?

Despite others’ claims, vitamins don’t work like magic - they take time. More often than not, our body responds better to a continual supply of a given nutrient than getting sporadic doses. Our monthly subscription is delivered in 100% compostable refill pouches, which means even less waste and a lower carbon footprint. So in addition to saving money, you'll be saving the planet.

Wait – Terraseed’s bottle and packaging are both biodegradable?

Yes! Our ingredients are ethically sourced, cruelty-free, and (of course) 100% vegan. Plus, every aspect of our packaging is biodegradable - from our shrink-wrap seal to our mailer, shipping labels, ink, and beyond!

What if I’m not happy with Terraseed?

There’s no penalty for canceling your Terraseed subscription. It’s as simple as emailing your request. We’re always happy to help!

We believe sustainable nutrition is for everyone.

We want to make sure your kids can meet their nutritional needs. If for any reason, you can't afford Terraseed, just email us. We'll make it work.

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