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To stop animal suffering and plastic pollution in the supplement industry.
The Supplement Industry: An Ugly Truth

The Supplement Industry: An Ugly Truth

Supplements designed to keep us ‘healthy’ are actually killing us.

Did you know that almost 50% of supplements contain animal-derived ingredients? This leads to the senseless killing of 24 billion animals every year, many of which are fish.

The supplement industry also creates 1.8 billion plastic bottles every year - 70% of which end up in the ocean, in landfills, or other environmentally-hazardous locations.

In an industry that regularly chooses 'faster and cheaper' over 'better and sustainable,' we're the vegan vitamin that goes against the grain.

How We’re Leading a Revolution in the Supplement Industry

How We’re Leading a Revolution in the Supplement Industry

We’re here to end animal suffering and plastic pollution within the supplement industry. Our all-in-one, nutrient-potent multivitamin is designed to support vegan health with ethically-sourced ingredients and 100% biodegradable packaging. From our ink and label, to our corn-based shrink sleeve and pill bottle made out of virgin pulp paper, every single component of our packaging is plastic-free and biodegradable.

Profits are not our priority. Compassion and sustainability are.

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Maria Cebrian

Meet the Woman Behind the Vision

Maria Cebrian

As an avid long-distance mountain runner, Maria’s love and connection with nature was no secret. This sense of love for nature and its animals drove Maria towards veganism, which opened her eyes to the injustices that our planet and its animals face daily.

When Maria’s new vegan lifestyle started leaving some nutritional holes in her diet, she noticed a dip in her running performance. The last thing she wanted to do was compromise her vegan lifestyle, so she explored her options for supplements. To her surprise she couldn’t find a single sustainable multivitamin for vegans.

At that moment, she knew that had to change. So, Maria co-founded Terraseed - the all-in-one multivitamin that supports vegans and our environment.

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