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From Trash to Treasure: How to Dispose of Your Terraseed Packaging
Along with feeling good while taking Terraseed, you can also feel good about throwing it away when you're done.
Why Your Supplements Should Be Sustainable If You Are Vegan
It’s important to create and consume vegan vitamins that are not only animal-free but also made in sustainable ways and...
The Animal and Environmental Impacts of the Supplement Industry: A Summary of Our Findings
We recently published a robust report that dives deep into the impacts of the supplement industry to better understand its ...
Animal Ingredients Used In Supplements (that will surprise you!)
A variety of animal-derived ingredients are used in supplements but there are 5 prominent ones that are stealthily scattered across...
Our Progress and Mission in Sustainability
Including eco-friendly products and packaging wasn’t easy, but we are proud of our gains and committed to our mission.
Why you should have vegan vitamins - even if you aren’t vegan.
Understand the core benefits of vegan vitamins, whether you’re vegan or not!
The Truth Behind Holiday Traditions
Take a deep dive into the darker, waste-filled consequences of the holiday season and what we can do about it.
Can veganism heal the planet?
Yes, veganism is a necessary step towards saving the planet, but exactly how does cutting out meat and dairy and...
Why Terraseed Chose Its Formula
Get an in-depth look at our vegan-friendly ingredients and how they’re ethically-sourced. 
Vegan Vitamin D: All You Need to Know as a Vegan and Vegetarian
When most people hear “Vitamin D”, they think “the sun”, but there’s so much more to it than that.
The Environmental Footprint of the Supplement Industry
The word “supplements” is synonymous with “health”. Unfortunately, the supplement industry isn’t healthy for the environment. Here’s why.
The Animal Cost of the Supplement Industry
The suffering of millions of animals contributing to the US supplement industry is as wasteful as they come. Here’s how. 
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