Why Your Supplements Should Be Sustainable If You Are Vegan

Why Your Supplements Should Be Sustainable If You Are Vegan

The Link Between Sustainability + Vegan  Supplements

Consumers turn to supplements to enhance their health and wellbeing, but little do they know that many of the supplements available to them have opposite impacts on the health of our planet. Terraseed was born out of a vision to reshape the supplement industry by creating a product that enhances the health of the planet and all of its inhabitants. That’s why we created a Multivitamin for Vegans with an animal-free formula and planet-friendly packaging. 

We think it’s important for others to understand the link between sustainability and supplements so that we can all make informed and compassionate choices for every thing that we do, buy, and consume. That’s why we recently published a comprehensive study that highlights the impacts of the supplement industry. We dove deep into data and uncovered some staggering findings about how animals and the earth are affected by the creation of many different types of supplements. Our findings reaffirmed the many reasons why it’s important to create and consume vegan vitamins that are not only animal-free but also made in sustainable ways and packaged in renewable materials. 

Aligning Your Vitamins with Your Values

If you’re like us, you’ve chosen a plant-based diet and lifestyle because you cherish every single being on this planet. So much so that you’re willing to sacrifice many of the things you grew up knowing and loving to align your life with your values. However, navigating grocery shopping, going out to eat, and even choosing makeup or shampoo can be complicated as a vegan - and choosing vegan-friendly supplements is no different.  Because supplements are an incredibly powerful tool, especially for those following a plant-based diet, choosing them wisely is important. Supplementation can help to ensure you are receiving a balanced and nutritious diet, allowing you to live a vegan lifestyle while still feeling your best. 

For example, Vitamin B12 is an important B vitamin that helps to support your body’s blood and nerve cells and promote healthy hair, skin, and nails. Because very few plant-based foods contain adequate B12 levels, vegans need to supplement their diet with B12 to ensure optimal cellular health. While B12 can be found in many different animal products, supplementation provides a more sustainable and ethical option because B12 synthesized in a lab minimizes disturbances to nature.

The same goes for Vitamin D; Vitamin D is critical for brain development, heart function, the immune system, and mental health. Research shows vegans are particularly at risk of deficiency; vegans have the lowest levels of D3 among any of the dietary groups since a plant based diet does not provide adequate amounts of this vitamin, thus it’s important to find a suitable supplement. However, many D3 supplements are made from lanolin;  a fatty substance derived from sheep’s wool. 

If you’ve chosen to embrace a plant-based diet because you want to protect the planet and all of its inhabitants, it’s important to understand how and where supplements are made so that you can make a compassionate choice. Choosing animal-free, plant-based options is a great way to ensure that your consumption choices have minimal impact. 

While choosing vegan is a powerful first step in minimizing your own footprint, you can take your commitment to sustainability a step further by also choosing products that are made and/or packaged in low-impact ways. Consider that 76% of supplement packaging is made of plastic and the vast majority of plastic waste (~ 70%) ends up in landfills while another 3% ends up in the ocean every year. Choosing a supplement that’s both vegan and packaged in plastic-free, renewable packaging (such as paperboard, compostable fibers, or reusable containers) is an even more powerful choice as a consumer. 
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