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The 9 Essential Ingredients Vegans Need Most

Omega 3 + DHA-EPA
Omega-3 + DHA/EPA

Promotes brain function, while influencing immune system and heart health.

Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3

Increases natural collagen production, while boosting your musculoskeletal system health and clearing skin.

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12

Provides natural energy, while supporting your nervous system.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C

Fortifies your immune system and regulates oxidative stress.


Regulates your metabolism for optimal weight and energy control.


Enhances red blood cell production and oxygen flow and is known to promote athletic endurance.


Is critical for immune cell function and supports your metabolic system.


Promotes healthy genetic expression and gene methylation, while playing a protective role in carcinogenesis of pancreatic and bladder cancer.


Helps your body absorb the other minerals in our formula for optimal effects.

Two healthy women taking Terraseed vitamins with green juice

Why You Need a Supplement Designed For Vegans

While it’s possible to get a lot of nutrients from food, the fact is we normally don’t. One way to combat this is by taking a multivitamin. Think of it like a nutritional safety net: a daily guarantee to ensure that your body gets the vitamins and minerals it needs to feel complete without compromising your lifestyle.

Terraseed is an all-in-one multivitamin designed for vegans, by vegans – less time obsessing over nutrition labels means more time for the things that truly matter!

Vegan multivitamin filled with nutrients

9 Sustainably-Sourced Ingredients That Will Boost Your Vegan Health

Our formula is designed specifically for vegans and provides 9 power nutrients that are sourced ethically and sustainably. For instance, we use algae-harvested Omega-3 unlike conventional companies who use fish, and we source our Vitamin D3 from Lichen versus sheep’s wool.

Vitamin bottle in biodegradable packaging

Yes, Packaging Matters

In a world polluted by plastic waste, we’ve worked tirelessly to optimize every step of our packaging for maximum sustainability. This includes our certified-compostable vegetable-based shrink wrap, kraft lid seals and mailing labels, our paper-composed tubes and our algae ink.

The Result? 100% Biodegradable Packaging.

Meet The Scientists Behind Terraseed

Dr. Jen Myers
Dr. Jen Myers, Ph.D, DNM

"As the chief formulator for Terraseed, I crafted this all-in-one formula for vegans by leveraging the latest research in plant-based nutrition"

Dr. Laurie Marbas
Dr. Laurie Marbas, MD

"I am bringing my 10 years of experience as a plant-based doctor to build dietary supplements that truly resolve nutrient deficiencies among vegans and plant-based eaters."

Dr. Andrew Freeman
Dr. Andrew Freeman

"As a plant-based MD, I proudly support Terraseed's formula and mission."

Nurse Casey Linke
Casey Linke, FNP

"I'm a family nurse practitioner who specializes in using plant-based nutrition as a tool for wellness and disease prevention. I'm partnering with Terraseed in its mission to support vegans in leading a more empowered and healthy lifestyle day-to-day."

Vegan Multivitamin FAQ

Can Terraseed help support normal immune function?

Yes! Terraseed is packed with Zinc (which acts as a first-responder to fight infections) and Vitamin C (helps support your immune system on a cellular level), which work to naturally boost your immune system.

How long will it take for me to start seeing results?

It varies by the individual, but most subscribers report feeling more energetic and complete after about two weeks.

Typically speaking, after:

  • 1 Month: you’ll feel more energy without the need for caffeine and less brain fog
  • 3 Months: you’ll feel enhanced skin elasticity
  • 6 Months: you’ll notice better moods, more consistency

But again, much of this depends on your specific nutritional baseline, chemistry, as well as any deficiencies you may have before starting Terraseed.

It’s also worth noting that the longer you take Terraseed, the more benefits you’re likely to feel. This is because our bodies respond better to a consistent supply of nutrients vs sporadic helpings of them.

Why do you only offer a subscription-based plan?

Despite others’ claims, vitamins don’t work like magic - they take time. More times than not, your body responds better to a continual supply of a given nutrient vs getting sporadic doses of it.

Wait – Terraseed’s bottle and packaging are both biodegradable?

Yes! Our ingredients are ethically-sourced, cruelty-free and (of course) 100% vegan. Plus, every aspect of our packaging is biodegradable - from our shrink-wrap seal to our mailer, shipping labels, ink and beyond!

What if I’m not happy with Terraseed?

There’s no penalty for canceling your Terraseed subscription. It’s as simple as emailing your request. We’re always happy to help!

We believe veganism is for everyone.

We want to make sure you can be a vegan, healthfully. If for any reason, you can't afford Terraseed, just email us. We'll make it work.

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As A Vegan, Every Month You Save

30 Animals
33,000 Gallons of Water
300 Sq. Feet of Forest
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Sarah R.
United States United States

Feeling really good

A yoga instructor (and fellow vegan) whom I trust recommended these vitamins. I've never taken a daily vitamin in my life - but I feel really good knowing I'm covering any potential gaps in my nutrient intake. I don't experience any lingering tastes or other side effects. The sustainable packaging is nice and I feel good spending my money with a small, ethical company. Will continue to buy!

A Terraseed Customer
Arthur H.
United States United States

Canceled service

Vitamins unfortunately did not meet expectations. Clear deficits in the key vitamins now requiring me to use a prescription vitamins to bring up my levels. I was truly shocked that in some categories my levels were so low they couldn't be measured. So using this product didn't work for me. Great customer service though.

Elizabeth G.
United States United States


don't get me wrong, i love everything this company and these vitamins stand for and it is amazing to have a vegan multi that includes everything i need and does so sustainably. however there is a really bad aftertaste that comes up in little burps even though they advertise that it is odorless, flavorless, and burp-free. i was super excited for that part bc i have health issues when it comes to taking pills, but there is definitely an aftertaste, it stays with me throughout the day and comes up randomly and reminds me of fish oil a little. other than that they are great haha

A Terraseed Customer
Barbara M.
United States United States

Love them

Experience has been great overall

Cristina S.
United States United States

It's great but...

My favorite thing is the packaging. Everything is compostable, and there's no plastic used. I did slightly freak out when I received my first shipment and saw what I thought was plastic enveloping the cardboard tube, but it's made of corn and totally biodegradable so all is well. My one complaint, and it's a huge one, is the fish tasting burps. Fish makes me *****, like for real. I threw up once from one of these burps. It's really really gross. I know the vitamins have an enteric coating, but it's not working. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've taken the pills on an empty stomach, after food, in the middle of a meal- I always get the burps. It's an oily, disgusting, fishy burp and the only solace I have is that is not actually fish-thank goodness! However, I shall continue to take these because I can't find any other plastic free vitamins anywhere. Also, it contains the vitamins my Dr specifically says I need to take. I just really hate the burps. If someone has advice on how to avoid that, I'm open to trying anything.