Terraseed Revolutionizes Children's Health with the Complete Multivitamin for Kids: A Sustainable and Vegan Solution

Terraseed Revolutionizes Children's Health with the Complete Multivitamin for Kids: A Sustainable and Vegan Solution

Terraseed, a pioneering company in sustainability-focused supplements, proudly presents the Complete Multivitamin for Kids - an innovative product designed to cater to the main nutritional needs of vegan and vegetarian children as well as picky eaters. This groundbreaking multivitamin not only supports kids' health with clean and potent vegan ingredients but also spearheads a sustainability revolution in the supplement industry.

The Complete Multivitamin for Kids by Terraseed is a delicious gummy supplement made with vegan and sustainably-sourced ingredients packaged in fully biodegradable materials, ensuring a climate-conscious choice compared to conventional animal-derived products packaged in plastic. Terraseed is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and has taken significant steps to achieve this goal.

Founder and CEO, Maria Cebrian, explains, "We are here to change the way children's supplements are made. With alarming statistics showing the devastating impact of the supplement industry on animals and the environment, Terraseed is taking a bold step towards sustainable nutrition. Our formula is specifically created to fill the nutritional gaps that vegan, vegetarian, and picky eater children may experience while prioritizing the well-being of our planet."

The outstanding features of Terraseed's Complete Multivitamin for Kids include:

Sustainable Sourcing: All ingredients are animal-free and come from sustainable sources. For example, Omegas, a vital nutrient for children's growth and development, are sourced from hemp seeds grown sustainably, drastically reducing the environmental impact compared to conventional fish oil sources. While Terraseed's Vitamin D3 is derived from 100% non-GMO microalgae, making it an ideal plant-based choice for vegans and vegetarians. The eco-friendly production process ensures a sustainable supply without harming natural ecosystems.

Biodegradable Packaging: Terraseed proudly presents the first fully biodegradable child-resistant gummy bottle. This packaging innovation eliminates plastic waste and sets new standards for sustainability in the industry.

The Complete Multivitamin for Kids has been meticulously formulated to provide key nutrients crucial for children's optimal growth, development, cognitive functions, and overall health. Studies have shown that deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals are not uncommon in children, especially in those following plant-based and vegetarian diets. With the support of leading research, Terraseed's formula includes high doses of Omega 3, 6, and 9, vitamin D3, vitamin B-12, and 13 other essential vitamins and minerals, addressing these nutritional gaps.

"Terraseed's Complete Multivitamin for Kids has been thoughtfully designed to cater to picky eats and children following various dietary patterns such as vegan, plant-based and vegetarian diets, ensuring they receive essential power nutrients for their overall well-being," states Maria Cebrian. "Our focus on sustainability extends beyond the formula to the very packaging that houses these gummies, making it a choice parents can feel good about."

Terraseed's Complete Multivitamin for Kids is now available for purchase on the company’s website. Embrace the sustainability revolution and support your child's health with this groundbreaking multivitamin.

For media inquiries, product samples, and more information, please contact:

Maria Cebrian

Terraseed CEO

About Terraseed:

Terraseed is a pioneering company on a mission to revolutionize the supplement industry by offering sustainable and climate-conscious vitamins. The company's innovative and award-winning vegan supplements are designed to provide optimal nutrition for the Eco-conscious family while minimizing their environmental impact. Terraseed is committed to fostering a healthier future for both people and the planet. 

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