BY TERRASEED  / January 26, 2021

Founders Hava Horowitz and Maria Cebrian pose with Terraseed, a new brand of ethically-sourced vegan supplements that are packaged in the planet's first  compostable bottle. Their company is on a mission to stop animal cruelty and plastic waste in the supplement industry.

Terraseed Becomes First Vegan Company Ever Selected into Techstars Startup-Accelerator Program

With a portfolio of over 2000 startups, Terraseed brings sustainability and vegan health to the forefront of Techstars, a program that has raised $11.4 billion in funding for new companies

Terraseed has been announced as a member of the Techstars Boulder 2021 cohort, becoming the first-ever vegan business to receive funding from the renowned startup accelerator program.
Founded by two former co-workers turned entrepreneurs, Hava Horowitz and Maria Cebrian launched Terraseed in April 2020 with the introduction of The Complete Multivitamin for Vegans, the first product in a new line of sustainable supplements specifically designed to meet the needs of plant-based lifestyles.
Terraseed is pioneering a position in two fast growing markets. Allied Market Research has estimated that the vegan food industry is expected to exceed $31 billion in 2026. Meanwhile, the $54 billion supplement industry has failed to address the fact that 92% of vegans face nutrient deficiencies [1].
“After going vegan, I experienced symptoms of nutrient deficiency. I started taking six supplements daily, but quickly felt stressed by all the pills I had to take and all the waste I was creating with my monthly supply of plastic pill bottles,” said Horowitz when asked about the origin of Terraseed. “I recognized that the vegan lifestyle could be simplified with an all-in-one pill that was good for both me and the planet.”
Terraseed Multivitamin resolves the nine most common gaps in a plant-based diet while ensuring ethical and sustainable practices that align with the vegan ideals of protecting the environment and animal lives. While the traditional supplement industry kills over a billion animals each year, Terraseed replaces animal-based ingredients for vegan options. For example, its Omega-3 is sourced from algae harvested without impact on marine ecosystems, and D3 is sourced from wild lichen instead of sheep’s wool. The Terraseed formula was made to appeal to every vegan, regardless of motivations for foregoing animal products. Additionally, it was developed and reviewed by a team of leading scientists, ensuring the highest standards for quality and safety.
Terraseed is also gaining recognition for innovations in sustainable packaging, particularly forgoing the traditional plastic pill bottle in favor of a biodegradable alternative. From the first ever mailers printed with algae ink, to tamper-resistant cellulose made from corn, every element of the bottle and packaging has been thoughtfully selected. Terraseed is committed to lead in the fight against the 2.4 billion plastic bottles produced by the supplement industry every year. In fact, the packaging was recently awarded the Best New Environmentally-Responsible Product of 2020 by the Natural Product Expo.
As plant-based products have gained increasing popularity, the tech world is taking notice. Beyond capitalizing on this momentum for its own success, the Terraseed founders see an opportunity to leverage their expertise to help other companies in the Techstars cohort that want to operate in a more ethical and sustainable manner. This commitment to driving collaborative solutions to society’s important problems aligns well with the Techstars mission:

“We believe entrepreneurs can change the world. From startup founders, to corporate employees, to visionary dreamers, entrepreneurs hold the keys to the greatest challenges of our time. They see opportunities. They take risks. And they clear the path for entire industries. At Techstars, we grow their ideas into world changing businesses.”

This will be the first Techstars Boulder class to be conducted entirely remote. Managing Director Andres Barreto noted the switch to an online format as an opportunity to make the accelerator “more inclusive and able to target a wider variety of companies,” in an interview with BizWest. This has held true with participants joining from across the United States as well as Colombia, South Korea, and Panama.
The program has just begun on January 25th. Terraseed is joining by the following companies: AtomChat, CodeInspector, Defynance, Floop, Gales, Haekka, Immigo, Intelligems, Porter Metrics and Inspire Me World.

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