BY HAVA & MARIA  / December 30, 2020

2020 has probably been the most important year of our lives. Not only because of the Covid-19 pandemic and racial justice movement, and all the lessons we’ve learned from these. But because this is the year we started a revolution in the supplement industry together. One that could have a huge impact on our planet.

You may not know that the COVID-19 caused a 36% increase in supplement consumption in 2020, meaning 36% more plastic being produced for plastic pill bottles and animal exploitation of fish (for Omega-3), sheep (for D3), and many other animals (for gelatin).

The supplement industry kills 1.1 billion animals and creates 2.4 billion plastic pill bottles of waste every year! Or that 90% of “recyclable” plastic is never actually recycled? Together, we’re changing that.

As a Terraseed member, you’re one of the first people to use the first ever zero-waste supplement to be sold in the US. Embracing and supporting innovative products like Terraseed takes guts! You have shown your courage and we honor you for that.

We won’t lie - launching Terraseed in 2020 has been a challenge. Founding a new company, and launching a new product in an already saturated vegan market during the most difficult year of our lives has been anything but easy.

Building a 100% remote team, overcoming countless supply chain issues, offering the right nutritional support for vegans who were struggling to keep up with their health and commitment to their values… none of this has been a walk in the park.

However, we understand the importance of what we’re building because we need to show up for the earth and its earthlings more than ever. At the end of the day, this means showing up for ourselves.

We are so proud of our community.Together, we have already saved:

- 12,270 animals

- 368,100 square feet of forest

- 13,497,000 gallons of water

- 245,400 of CO2 emissions

Amazing, right?

2021 will bring out new challenges, and we’ll be ready to embrace them. We would like to build stronger relationships with our members, constantly be improving our product, and offer more and better support for the vegan community.

You are the most important part of Terraseed’s mission, and we want to thank you for your commitment, your continuous support and for joining us in this important and amazing journey.

Cheers to an amazing 2021 together!

Hava & Maria

Terraseed Founders

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