BY TERRASEED  / May 27, 2021

What is Enteric Coating?

How your feedback led to our biggest innovation yet.

The supplement industry is full of flashy buzzwords and gimmicks that can leave the consumer with more questions than answers. While researching supplements, one feature that some brands may advertise is an enteric coating. So what exactly is an enteric coating and why does it matter? 

On a basic level, an enteric coating is an additional outer layer that is applied to the surface of a pill capsule. The word “enteric” is defined as relating to, or occurring in the intestines. 

Our new coating is made from wood pulp, palm and coconut oil and is able to withstand the acidity of the stomach without dissolving. Instead, it will dissolve in the intestines. This delayed release yields a wide variety of benefits. 

Most notably, the enteric coating protects the valuable nutrients within the supplement capsule from being damaged by the stomach acid, and keeps them intact until they reach the intestine. The intestines are actually where all nutrient absorption takes place. This results in a highly effective and efficient nutrient delivery system. Supplements with an enteric coating are more easily absorbed and have a higher bioavailability thus protecting the nutrients better than uncoated supplements. 

Another benefit of an enteric coating is noticeable as soon as you pop open your supplement bottle. Anyone who has taken fish or algae oil supplements may recall being excited to take charge of their omega-3s, only to open a new vitamin bottle and be greeted by a strong and unpleasant smell. Plugging your nose and forcing down a pill should not be a part of your vitamin regimen. The beauty of an enteric coating is that it creates a physical barrier between your nose, your tastebuds, and any ingredients in your vitamins with a strong flavor! 

Now imagine surviving the process of swallowing those same uncoated, seaweed flavored supplements only to have the unpleasant flavor return again and again throughout the day. This is called “burp back” and it happens during digestion when uncoated pills dissolve and bubble in your stomach acid. This results in a recurring aftertaste often preceded by burps. An enteric coating prevents pills from dissolving in your stomach and keeps them intact all the way to your intestines, so it fully prevents any burp back. 

When sifting through the advertising fluff surrounding the supplement industry, it is clear that an enteric coating is a truly valuable feature of any vitamin. 

At Terraseed, your experience with us and our product is as important as the formula. We appreciate your feedback and CANNOT wait for you to try these new capsules. Thanks to our loving, engaged community, we truly believe that The Complete Multivitamin for Vegans is the best multi ever created for plant-based eaters. 

As always, thank you for your support. We would be nothing without you.

All our love and gratitude,

Maria, Alex, and the Terraseed Team


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