From Trash to Treasure: How to Dispose of Your Terraseed Packaging

From Trash to Treasure: How to Dispose of Your Terraseed Packaging

The Best Packaging is Made from Plants

Terraseed was born out of a vision of a more sustainable world. Terraseed’s founders were particularly motivated to drive change in an industry that generates massive amounts of waste and harm to the planet and many of its inhabitants. They decided to take on the supplement industry by leading by example. This meant going against the status quo that embraces cheap plastic and relies on unsustainable sourcing practices. 

From its earliest days, Terraseed has been committed to a plastic free future. In order to create a plastic-free revolution, we had to start with our very own production practices. From day 1 we have aligned our ingredient and packaging choices with our values, creating a plastic-free and biodegradable product made from materials inspired by nature. We believe that the best type of packaging is the kind made by plants (or none at all!). 

Our Packaging Promise

Here’s our packaging promise to you: everything we use in our packaging can be returned to where it came from (hint hint - nature!) because each and every material is either compostable or biodegradable. The terms are often used interchangeably, but they do not mean the same thing! 

Compostable materials break down completely into their basic parts (water, carbon dioxide, and biomass) in a timely manner without any harmful residue. Products labeled as compostable must be tested to meet US industrial composting standards (ASTM D6400 and ASTM D6868). 

Biodegradable materials can be broken down by naturally-occuring microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. There is no time limit for biodegradation and no testing done to ensure that the product is free from toxins.

We believe that packaging should come from earth and be returned to earth when it’s no longer needed. By utilizing a circular mindset for our packaging design, we create value rather than waste by using materials that can be repurposed, reused, recycled or returned to Earth. In doing so, we are able to minimize our own product footprint. 

Treasure, Not Trash

There are many different components in our packaging - each chosen with intention and integrity. We believe that each part of our product and its packaging is treasure, not trash. Take a look at the materials we’ve chosen and the ways to dispose of them when they’re no longer needed:


Material: Made from 100% recycled paper
Proper Disposal: While these mailers are industrially compostable, it’s best to recycle them due to the inks and adhesives used in printing. 
Our Recommendation:  Save and reuse the next time you need to send a package!


Material: Made from corn 
Proper Disposal: Because this material is certified compostable, it can be broken down in an industrial composting facility.
Our Recommendation: If you do not have access to commercial composting, we encourage you to find a creative way to utilize the sleeve otherwise it will have to go into the landfill.


Material: Made of virgin celulose that comes from certified sustainable forests (FSC Certified)
Proper Disposal: Our tubes are industrially compostable certified, and they are biodegradable as they will break down in landfill. However, if you don't have access to commercial composting, it is better if you recycle or reuse them.
Our Recommendation:  Keep and reuse as containers for nuts, herbs, pencils, beads, paper clips, bobby pins, or any other small dry foods or objects!


Material: Made from paper
Proper Disposal: These lids are industrially compostable as they are made with paper, and they are biodegradable as they will break down in landfill.
Our Recommendation:  Put them in the compost bin. If you don't have access to commercial composting, put them in the recycle bin.


Material: Micro-Pak Dri Clay® is made from 100% natural, safe and non-toxic bentonite clay, and is packaged in FSC-certified Kraft paper. Clay is a naturally occurring mineral which requires a low energy, low water and zero chemical production process.
Proper Disposal: Because the desiccant is made with natural, biodegradable materials - it will degrade in the landfill.
Our Recommendation:  Reuse anywhere you want to keep away moisture or simply toss it in the garbage bin!


Material: Made from primarily from cellulose & paper
Proper Disposal: Our pouches are not suitable for home-composting, but if you have access to a commercial/industrial compositing facility, you can drop off the pouches there. If you do not have a close-by facility, please dispose of the pouch in the garbage bin.
Our Recommendation: Save and reuse! You can use these pouches like a zip-lock. Feel free to re-fill them up with powders, baked goods or coffee/tea etc.


Click here to find an industrial composting facility near you.


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