BY TERRASEED  / March 19, 2021

How to create a daily routine that works for you

They say routine is the killer of creativity. 

They also once said heroin was a safe way to cure a common cough. 

So, yeah… 

‘They’ are wrong a lot. 

Here is what we are saying: 

By setting a routine, you are saying that you will not let this day pass you by. 

It is a way to live deliberately and set the tone for all of your other interactions

When we make health, self-care, vitamins, and exercise, the mundane part of our day, we are able to conserve our brain power for the long-term and harder-to-reach goals in our life. 

Routines don’t make you robotic, they make you efficient. You establish these habits because you are trying to get somewhere. 

Austin Bollinger from Daily New Years provided one of my favorite metaphors in regards to routine-building: 

Starting something new isn’t very impactful if you keep quitting. 

Think about a rocket ship. What if a rocket repeatedly used up all of its fuel to take off only to land immediately, refueled, and took off again? It wouldn’t make much sense, right? It would be horribly inefficient!

Starting and stopping over and over again in your life is just like that rocket ship wasting fuel.

Building momentum, however, is like breaking free of the atmosphere and reaching space. Once there, the zero gravity keeps the rocket afloat, and the pilot only uses relatively small amounts of fuel to propel and steer the rocket through space.

That zero-gravity living starts by creating one new habit. With time, that habit becomes a behavior. Then you supplement that one good behavior with complementary actions that serve your goal. Then, boom! You have a routine.

Somewhere along the line routine got confused for monotony. “Going through the motions” versus having a routine are two VERY different things. 

Monotony is living with an absence of passion. 

Routine is living with discipline, purpose, and integrity. 

Which one do you want to be?

You don’t create a morning routine because you want to be a millionaire or the next Oprah. You set a routine because you value yourself. 

Think about your most productive morning. Now write down a list and check them off through the day. It’s a small step but finally one in the right direction.

Something to remember:

Don’t negotiate with yourself. If you decide to try a new routine tomorrow, do it. Let this motivated version of yourself make your decisions, not the tired one that refuses to get out of bed. You owe your body and potential more than that! 

For more inspiration check out our CEO’s morning routine. As a mother, entrepreneur, ultra marathon runner and devoted boss, we are lucky enough to learn from Maria every day. Now it is your turn!

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