BY TERRASEED  / July 27, 2021

How Terraseed is Combating Plastic in a Wasteful Industry

When developing Terraseed, we knew we wanted to change the supplement industry’s status quo. We see the global-sized strain the supplement industry is putting on our ecosystem’s sustainability and we recognize the importance of minimizing our environmental impact.

The supplement industry’s current standard is to cut costs with synthetic plastic packaging materials, which pollute our planet and poison the life that inhabits it.

We knew this simply wouldn’t do, so we had to do something about it. 

Ever since Terraseed was a sprout, we wanted to create an all-in-one supplement that supports vegans, all in a plastic-free bottle. To accomplish this, we’ve focused on practicing mindful, minimum waste operations in all aspects of our business. We’ve followed our intention of conscious packaging by working closely with suppliers to develop innovative, plastic-free and completely biodegradable packaging solutions that meet food safety and shelf-stability standards.

Solutions of this kind required a certain level of innovation. For instance, we chose FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified paper tubes with a never before used kind of lining. As challenging as this task was, we couldn’t be more proud and we continue to set our sights on the future.

We’re learning as we grow and would rather offer transparency over greenwashing any day of the week. 

Of course, there are numerous layers involved with sustainable efforts. That’s why we’re constantly optimizing our product to create the lowest overall impact possible, which considers each of the 5 R's (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle or rot).

To accomplish this, we’re looking for new ways to incorporate circular economics into our product operations. This includes reusing packaging and allowing customers without proper disposal access in their areas to return materials to us. 

We’re doing our best to learn as much as we can while keeping up with the strides being made in today’s sustainability industry. We’ve connected with several accredited laboratories and have spoken to various material scientists. 

The result?

With some uncertainties still in mind, we’re still exploring the best, more environmentally-friendly options. Additionally, we aren’t sure if it’s to the technical extent to be considered “truly” compostable. Still, our tubes are plastic-free and use minimal additives, so they will eventually break down, making them 100% biodegradable. 

We’re actively collaborating with our designers and suppliers to ensure our packaging has the smallest ecological footprint possible. The world of sustainability is expanding, and as new packaging solutions become available, Terraseed will always commit to maintaining its focus on continuously improving our planet-first product and operations.

As a company, we value integrity, community, innovation and responsibility.  

We strive to:  

Be 100% transparent about our journey to eliminate plastic waste and always share our findings.

Act consciously and always opt for the most environmentally-responsible option(s) using the best information available.

Listen to our community and always adapt to how you’re engaging with our product and packaging so we can continuously deliver solutions that work best for you.

Never settle for the status quo, and continually innovate for a better tomorrow.

We’ll be sure to keep this community updated as we continue to reduce our impact one innovation at a time. Be on the lookout for our future post, which will highlight how you can sustainably dispose of each component of our packaging.

Thank you for supporting us in our first year of business. We‘re here for you and our small team is working hard to align our business practices for the collective good of our people, animals and planet.

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