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frontpage_00Terraseed® is “advancing crop technology” by offering a major step-change in food quality, assurance and safety, to the benefit of consumers, food retailers, suppliers and the environment.
This is achieved by the use of physical barrier systems, replacing agrochemicals for weed, insect and disease control.

Public anxiety about food safety and health is addressed by Terraseed® technology through reducing the threat of salmonella and E.coli contamination in fresh salad crops. The technology also has applications in pharmaceutical crops and herbs.

Terraseed® is proven in organic and conventional farming for salad and vegetable production and makes large-scale production viable, where consumer demand exceeds the ability of leading growers to supply.

Terraseed® provides a very positive image in an industry where the technology has often been portrayed as potentially harmful or controversial. The system replaces agrochemicals and is not dependent on genetic modification (GM).
Environmental benefits of Terraseed® are substantial, by conserving soil and moisture and in remediation of degraded or contaminated land.


Terraseed® patented systems and products are available for:

• Organic and conventional farming
• Salad and vegetable production
• Herbs

Terraseed® retains moisture and heats the soil, accelerating germination and crop growth.

We offer specialist advice, staff training, laying equipment and licences for manufacture and international distribution of Terraseed® products.

Terraseed® is committed to ongoing development projects covering a range of other crops and applications including amenity and phytoremediation.


Terraseed BeeMat

Terraseed have developed an exciting new seedmat product with Stockbridge Technology Centre, to help estabish the plants that provide nectar and pollen for bees especially when other food sources have run out or are scarce in the Landscape.

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