Be Vegan, Be Healthy

Be Vegan, Be Healthy

Vegan Nurse Practitioner Casey Linke explains how to transition to a healthy vegan diet. 

The best form of folate for vegans 

Folate deficiency induces depression and birth defects which is why organizations worldwide recognize the importance of folate supplementation and food fortification. It’s also important to supplement with l-methylfolate instead of folic acid, as l-methylfolate is directly bioavailable, and some people have a difficult time converting folic acid to folate.

Simplify Your Diet. Simplify Your Life.

The multivitamin designed to resolve gaps in your vegan diet.

A daily dose of our all-in-one vegan vitamin acts as a nutritional safety net, covering the nutrients you miss from time to time.

Delivered to your door monthly in the planet's first fully biodegradable pill bottle.

Why Terraseed

We never lose sight of our mission, to support healthier, more sustainable vegan lifestyles, while putting an end to needless animal cruelty.

Our all-in-one multivitamin has all the most important nutrients that most vegans tend to lack.

We take pride in packaging our multivitamins with only biodegradable materials, from the bottles that hold them, to the ink that describes them.

We only use sustainable methods for extracting our ingredients. For instance, we obtain our Omega 3 from algae, rather than supporting the senseless killing of fish.

Vegans help save 30 animals, 900 square feet of forest and 33,000 gallons of water every month and we’re determined to help support your planet-loving lifestyle!

Adding Terraseed to your daily routine is a quick and easy method for ensuring you’re getting the nutrition you need, all without sacrificing your time or sanity.

Get All the Nutrients You Need as a Vegan 

Vegans who supplement just plain feel better especially with our scientific formula focused on maximum bioavailability. 

Stop stressing over nutrition labels. Take 2 capsules per day, so you can focus on the things that really matter.