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Advancing crop technology

Terraseed Ltd. has developed and built a range of high-throughput laminating machines capable of producing rolls of SeedMat up to 400 metres in length and 2 metres wide at up to 3 metres per second.

SeedMat ManufacturingThe manufacturing process involves two substrate layers between which seeds are laminated using biodegradable adhesives. The bottom layer, which is laid in contact with the soil, is typically made from biodegradable air-laid paper. This paper functions as an absorbent substrate for plant growth and allows roots to grow through into the soil, whilst preventing the growth of weeds below the membrane. The top layer is typically a biodegradable tissue paper that degrades quickly when wet allowing seedlings to emerge rapidly.

IMG 1140This efficient linear manufacturing process can be used with a wide range of seeding equipment including high-density line seeders and precision seeders. For field margins and turf production seeds may be broadcast evenly within the SeedMat as in our BeeMat retail range. Seeds may also be applied in rows using rotary sponge seeders for salad production or precision placed for vegetable growing using our specially designed vacuum precision seeders.

Manufacturing facilities are based at our UK site near Kingsclere and on licence with Yding Gront in Denmark.


Terraseed is the market leader in the advancement and production of SeedMat products.

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Terraseed Paper-Paper can be used for a wide range of applications

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