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Advancing crop technology

Terraseed SeedMat products are typically provided on rolls up to 400m in length. These SeedMats can be laid mechanically in the field or by hand under glass or polytunnels.


Traditional Laying

For field-laying, Terraseed laying machinery or retrofitted machinery can be used. This equipment allows the SeedMat to unroll form the back or front of a tractor under tension. Soil preparation for Terraseed laying in the field typically involves bedformers to create an even level surface onto which the SeedMat can be laid, ensuring good contact between the mat and the soil. The end of the SeedMat is the buried at the beginning of the bed and as the tractor moves off and blades on the layer bury the sides of the SeedMat to both prevent wind damage. This method of laying has proved effective and economical for large scale turf, salad and vegetable production.


Tractor laying 3

An alternative method of field laying is to combine an unrolling spool with a sand or compost spreader. In this system the mat is covered with a thin layer of sand or compost that protects the SeedMat from wind damage, maintains good contact between the SeedMat and the soil and ensures that the mat remains moist. This method has been successfully applied for leafy salad production in Denmark by Yding Gront.



polytunnel1Terraseed laying under glass or polytunnel is typically performed by hand as the edges of the SeedMat do not need to be buried to avoid wind damage. The mat can therefore simply be unrolled on the core provided and pegged down with minimal effort.


Since the membranes of the SeedMat degrade before harvest, mature crops can usually be harvested using unmodified harvesting equipment.







Terraseed is the market leader in the advancement and production of SeedMat products.

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Terraseed Paper-Paper can be used for a wide range of applications

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