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Advancing crop technology


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Terraseed is the market leader in the advancement and production of SeedMat products. We have been developing this disruptive technology for the last 15 years for vegetable, turf and wildflower production.


Our SeedMats consist of two laminated biodegradable membranes containing seeds strategically placed for optimum harvest potential. The bottom layer is water retentive, enhancing germination rate and uniformity. Whilst preventing weed germination beneath the membrane, developing crop roots are able to penetrate this membrane into the soil. The top membrane is typically made from biodegradable tissue paper materials which degrade quickly allowing crop shoot development.


The blue colour of the membranes alters the wavelength of light entering the upper layer soil seed bank creating a photosynthetic environment that is unfavourable to weed seed germination and development. This weed control aspect of SeedMat products reduces the cost of inputs such as manual or chemical weed control.


The two layers of the mat are held together with biodegradable adhesives that may be used as a carrier for active ingredients such as germination stimulants, fertilisers and oxidising agents to promote rapid and uniform during crop establishment. After the crop is well established the SeedMat completely biodegrades in the soil.


The mat can be rapidly laid directly onto the soil using a range of mechanical systems that have been developed by Terraseed and its collaborators. The mat is then often covered by a thin layer of sand or compost and fleece. 


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Terraseed is the market leader in the advancement and production of SeedMat products.

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Terraseed Paper-Paper can be used for a wide range of applications

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