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ButterflyMat contains a specially developed mix of over 20 native annual and perennial wild flowers designed to attract butterflies. The seed mix caters of the broadest range of butterflies, providing them with the nectar the need during their important mating season.

ButterflyMat is made of two layers - a strong bottom layer that is glued to a weak top layer with flower seeds between them. This combination of layers gives the flower seeds a big advantage over weeds germinating in the soil below the mat and gives lots of big strong flowers that the Butterflies will love. The mat must be covered with a thin layer of weed-free sand or compost to hold it down and keep the moisture in.

Butterflies love ButterflyMat because it contains a very wide range the flowers they feed on. The different species of native butterflies have different mouth parts and it is important to provide a range of flowers to make sure they all have a food source for as long as possible during the season. That is why there are so many different flower species in the seedmat mix.


Butterfly-mat-box-shutterstock 141677386- 2 largeButterflyMat contains a mixture of annual and perennial wild flowers including:
Corn Cockle, Corn Chamomile, Dyers Chamomile, Cornflower, Mixed Knapweeds
Corn Marigold, Corn Daisy, White Bedstraw, Sweet William, Hakweed,
Ragged Robin, Wild Marjoram, Corn Poppy, Sorrel, Catchfly, Red Campion and Purpletop Verbena.
(Seed may vary slightly depending on availability)


An identification chart has been included in he pack to help you learn more about our native butterflies and the annual and perennial flowers they feed on. As with all BeeMat products, ButterflyMat stops weeds form germinating below the mat giving the wild flower seeds in the mat the best chance of success. Noxious weed and potentially harmful plants have been avoided so the mix is safe for children.


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