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Advancing crop technology

Green roofs have considerable environmental benefits. With the increase in urbanisation across the UK, more land has become concreted over. Concrete reflects, rather than absorbs, heat from the sun causing a warming phenomenon known as the ‘urban heat island effect’. Green roofs absorb solar energy and capture carbon dioxide, reducing the negative effects of reflected solar energy.



Concrete landscapes also contribute to the extreme flooding the UK has experienced recently. When rainwater falls on conventional roofs, it runs off immediately and has nowhere to go except the drainage system, that quickly become overloaded. Unlike conventional roofs, green roofing systems  absorb water and release it slowly by evaporation, helping to prevent flooding. Green roofs also provide thermal insulation, reduce noise pollution and create new wildlife habitats. Developments with green roofs are more likely to receive planning permission and increase the value of a development. Properties with green roofs sell faster and increase in rental value.



Wallbarn logo smallTerraseed is a leading UK grower of Sedum for green roofing applications. We provide two types of pre-grown ready to install product, provided either on turf-like rolls (1m x 2m) or in standardised M-trays (54 x 54 cm). These products are grown exclusivly for Wallbarn Ltd; a leading green roof retailer and installer.



Terraseed is the market leader in the advancement and production of SeedMat products.

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Terraseed Paper-Paper can be used for a wide range of applications

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Terraseed offers a range of retail products for wildlife-friendly gardening under the BeeMat range.

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